Sontia SPT Lite now ships in selected LG sound bars

LG Soundbar

Sontia SPT Lite is now available in the LG (NB2020A) Soundbar, and the results are incredible.

Read some of the customer reviews:

LG NB2020A

“Once plugged into the back of the TV and turned on I was blown away by the sheer power and quality by comparison to the TV Speakers.”  See original

“I was stunned that it seemed to go deeper than it should and had detail that put my other audio systems to shame.” See original

LG NB2420A

“This is great as it’s made watching TV bearable again for the whole family. Really impressed for the price and would recommend to friends (I have).” See original

“The low end goes deeper than it should (still not room shaking without the sub, but great for TV and games and music), and the detail level in the sound is far more ‘quality’ than it should be, -beats my ‘premium’ dock which cost 5x$! Really sounds natural and live, not shout at all.” Best Buy

We are also now in the LG (NB2430A) sound bar with bluetooth functionality, so you can wirelessly stream music and sounds from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

LG Bluetooth Soundbar with Sontia SPT - NB2430A

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